USA’s PACOM and China’s uneasy waiting …

The USA did not intervene in events outside the American continent for almost 120 years. The Monroe Doctrine, which said to the world “see whatever you are,” until 1941 except for the short Wilson period, also known as the USA’s loneliness policy, ended with the Second World War. Developing and growing in distant lands, the USA first established the CIA in 1947 when it realized that it could not fit into its shell. Later, their geographical command dividing the world into 6. But he founded the first of these, not against the Soviets, but against Japan and its environs, where he killed thousands of people by throwing an atomic bomb.

Currently, the largest geographical command of the USA, the Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) has 375 thousand soldiers, 200 warships, two of the aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and a thousand warplanes. The main body of PACOM consists of nearly 90 thousand American soldiers in Japan and South Korea. Just imagine, the number of American soldiers in these two countries is more than 120 countries in the world.

Maybe PACOM was created for the Korean peninsula and Japan, but things have changed now. Especially if Trump had seen the second term, China was his target. After the change of administration in the USA, an article titled “Long Telegram: Towards a New American Chinese Strategy” was published by the American think tank The Atlantic Council, which is said to belong to an anonymous but high-level official. In the article, the US policy to contain the Soviets was mentioned and recommendations were made to the Biden administration. I say an article, but it is like an 80-page manifesto in which the main headings of the strategy that should be implemented against China are woven by knot.

Everyone is waiting for the strategy of the Biden administration. It is sure to be softer than the Trump administration, but China is also uneasy. But it is very, very difficult for the USA to surround China in Asia, especially in the 21st century, with the surrounding of the Soviets over Europe at the beginning of the Cold War. Now, considering the era, it is a matter of curiosity whether the US will surround China with PACOM or the Cyber ​​Security and Space Forces Commands it has established in recent years.