The only heir to the Rothschild family ‘who ruled the world’ has died. So are conspiracies real?

The family’s roots are based on #Jewish banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild, born in Frankfurt in 1744. Mayer Rothschild’s main business was banking, which is very deep, long and has been the main agenda of many conspiracy theories. Mayer, who immigrated from Germany to England with the Queen’s permission, later sent his 5 sons to different countries of Europe and laid the foundations of his own “financial empire”. The #Rothschild family, which turned crises into a very good opportunity with the support it received from Britain and especially gained strength by purchasing government bonds, became the financier of wars before the wars started, and learned the (winner) outcome of the wars even before the British official authorities with its strong intelligence network. Thus, he bought the shares at the cheapest price and sold the shares with a profit of up to 30–40 per cent after days. This was the one that multiplied the family fortune by 5 to 10. (Don’t think what 30 per cent is, think about the percentages of the big money at that time) Imagine that the “sunless empire” is a family that lends even to Britain, and when Britain cannot pay, it takes large shares from the state bank. With the money he kept in state banks, he had an informal voice in state administrations.

After the family’s only heir, 57-year-old Benjamin de Rothschild died of a heart attack on January 15, the family came back on the agenda. Benjamin does not have a son either, he has 4 daughters. The family’s biggest secret is keeping the amount of their wealth a secret. They have done this very well for 300 years. It shouldn’t be surprising that Benjamin de Rothschild lived in Switzerland, the safest place in this regard, and died at his home.

After the news of the death, the Israeli media announced the news. Time of Israel was enough for me; “He is a great philanthropist and has proven it over and over again. He ensured the establishment of Israel against the Ottomans and is now supporting Jewish settlements with donations. “

Like millions of people can swear that the Rockefeller and Rothschild families are behind many incidents, but no one can prove it. Therefore, there is no point in wasting time with these, even if it is fun to read and speak.