“The nuclear father” of Iran was killed, Netanyahu said, “The Middle East is mobilizing.”

One of the 5 Iranians in the list of the 500 most powerful people in the world according to Foreign Policy, the scientist at the head of Iran’s program to develop a nuclear bomb since 1989, (AMAD) was assassinated in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Thus, Iran’s fifth nuclear physicist was assassinated in the last 10 years.

But Fahrizade is very different from the others. Such a name; Its existence has been denied by Iran for almost years, so the International Atomic Energy Agency’s proposals to meet with Fahrizade were always rejected. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed to Fahrizade, saying “Remember this name” in 2018. Fahrizade, who is also mentioned in Iran’s ballistic missile studies, even participated in nuclear tests in North Korea, according to western sources.

Iranian media states that MOSSAD learned the name Fahrizade for the first time from the UN lists. The scientist targeted by Israel was assassinated by MOSSAD in 2018, but could not be killed, according to Israeli media. After the assassination yesterday, Netanyahu said, “I want to say that there is a movement in the Middle East. Tense days await us ”statement is also meaningful. Because Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif blamed Israel.

Israel destroys Hezbollah and regime positions, which it sees as a threat to itself in Syria, with warplanes and assassinates military figures working on nuclear technology in Iran. The purpose of Israel’s Begin Doctrine, which I wrote before, is to # Israel’s destruction of potential threats on the spot without approaching its borders. According to the allegations, this is exactly what happened yesterday. In the first days of 2020, Iran’s key name, Kasım Süleymani, and now Iran’s “Nuclear Sulaimani” Fahrizade were killed. It can be said that Trump, who told Obama “You gave Iraq to Iran” before his election, made the Middle East a peaceful region for Israel by completely pacifying the Arab countries and cornering Iran in 4 years.