The forgotten country is suddenly on the agenda….Myanmar(Burma) Coup

Myanmar: ‘The country where the army is the strongest’ and its atrocities …

Three days ago, there was a coup in #Myanmar, also known as Burma. But this is a common occurrence for them. It was governed by democracy, except for the two-year period between 1948–1962. The country, which was controlled by military administrations from that year to 2011, met the civilian government led by the general from 2011 to 2015.

Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, who is thought to curb the policy of violence against Arakanese Muslims, won the elections in 2015 and overthrew 54 years of military power. But Myanmar, the “homeland of ethnic conflicts”, is perhaps the country where the army is the strongest in the world. In the #Asian country of Myanmar, where key ministries are in the hands of the military, the armed forces directly throw 25 per cent of the parliament. Therefore, even if the civil government comes, it remains helpless.

Suu Kyi, who was imprisoned for 15 years and received the Nobel Prize during this period, neither spoke about Arakanese Muslims nor was able to pursue a policy independent of the army. He even said as the president that ethnic cleansing was not applied to the Rohingya people. He was always silent about massacres on the way to the presidency. His Nobel was not withdrawn, but Amnesty International withdrew the Ambassador of Conscience Award in 2018.

Suu Kyi won the elections on 8 November again, but the army issued a memorandum, demanding that the elections were fraudulent and the parliament not to convene. The coup took place on the day the parliament was opened.

Russia is at the top of the list of countries that arm the Myanmar army at the moment; From fighter jets to missiles. In fact, hours after the coup, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu was reported to go to Myanmar, allegedly, the Moscow administration is negotiating to open a naval base to the country. Countries that support Myanmar in the UN; China, Russia, Laos, Syria and Belarus …

Nearly 90 per cent of the 55 million population is Buddhist and 4 per cent is Muslim. He is responsible for many atrocities from mass rape to genocide, from operations to wipe villages off the map (in real terms) to the torture of children. What is made by the UN to “the world’s most suffering ethnic group” Arakanese, is beyond your dreams.