The biggest ‘water war’ of the 21st century and the Israeli factor …

As everyone knows, Ethiopia is building the biggest dam in #Africa and thus wants to solve the electricity problem that does not reach 60 per cent of its population. The Blue Nile, 80 per cent of which is within the borders of Ethiopia, where the dam was built, feeds the Nile River. Naturally, Egypt, whose water share in the largest water resource is decreasing, reacts to this (Sudan is passive but on the table). At the root of the problem, lies the inability to make a joint agreement in order not to affect Egypt’s 55.5 billion cubic meters share in the Nile River. No progress was made on the 9-year problem, and Ethiopia announced it had begun filling the dam in July.

Actually, the dam is a huge problem for Egypt. From electricity generation to the annual income of 1.5 billion dollars from the river. Some experts even say that if the dam is built and fully operational, Egypt could become a “water-poor” country. Cairo demands protection of its rights according to the 1929 agreement with Britain, but Ethiopia is not among the parties to the agreement. It no longer exists in England.

So where is Israel in this business?

Egyptian sources confirmed that Israeli experts are providing technical support to #Ethiopia on the dam and that air defence systems have been installed to ensure the safety of the dam. Netanyahu, the first Israeli Prime Minister to go to Ethiopia in 2016, said, “We are ready to transfer our knowledge to farmers. We can channel the water in any direction you want.” For Israel, which has also made a security agreement with Ethiopia, Ethiopia is a very important country for the security of 20 per cent of its foreign trade and the future of hundreds of projects. In fact, the Tel Aviv administration’s orientation towards the region is on agriculture and water resources. There are some 150,000 Ethiopian Jews currently living in Israel.

Egypt has threatened Ethiopia with war, from Morsi to Sisi, but Ethiopia seems to rely on something. Egyptian administration is afraid of the largest investors in Ethiopia such as China, Turkey and Israel…



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