Stratfor: The influence of Turkey in the 2050 map?!

Stratfor founder of Friedman’s book The Next 100 Years Turkey’s place is in the domain of the 2050 map, was once again back in the news in Turkish media sharing with social media by foreigners. Described as the ‘shadow CIA’ or ‘unofficial CIA’, Stratfor is like a research centre, but its advisory is to sell intelligence. He also shared the positions of President Erdoğan’s plane in the air during the hours of the coup attempt.

Turkey’s redistribution of the map by foreign influence in 2050; Erdogan’s government of ‘Neo Ottomanist’ policies and the policies of the map of Erdogan’s Turkey policy, is brought to the agenda to create a kind of public discredit Turkey by foreigners.

From Libya to Kazakhstan, Yemen (including all Gulf countries) a region up to the Crimea, it has been shown in Turkey’s domain. When this map was first published, Crimea was not subjected to Russian annexation, Karabakh was not liberated, and the Arab Spring was not. After the publication of the map, Turkish soldiers’ speech to Syria, Iraq (expanded), Libya, Azerbaijan (Karabakh) and Qatar, Crimean Tatars relations with Ukraine, a strong network of relations in Egypt, albeit for a year, Russian invasion with Turkish influence in Georgia Adjara after Batumi Turkey is one of the closest allies of the government …