“Secret” relations between Israel and Azerbaijan: The visible face of the iceberg.

Actually, relations between the two countries have been going on since Azerbaijan’s independence. It is known that around 20 thousand Jews still live in Azerbaijan as well as the Jewish population who migrated from the country to Israel.

Azerbaijan is of great importance for Israel. The prestige of close ties with a Muslim country, proximity to Iran and arms sales. According to SIRPI(STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE) reports, the rate of Israel in Azerbaijan’s arms imports has increased from 24 per cent to 60 per cent in the last 5 years. So much so that even the first foreign purchaser of Israel’s kamikaze drones was Azerbaijan. “Azerbaijan sells oil to us and it is not difficult to find buyers in the market for oil. However, it is not easy for us to sell our weapons. In addition, the fact that Azerbaijan is a Muslim country and neighbouring our enemy Iran increases its importance for us. “ he used the expressions.

Although Israel visited Azerbaijan at the Presidential level in 2009, Baku responded to the visit as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after 4 years. Baku’s anxiety is the reaction of Muslim countries.

Mutual companies operate in two countries. For example, Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR is looking for oil and gas in some regions for Israel in the Mediterranean, while the Israeli telecommunications company GTIB, Azerbaijan’s first mobile operator, owns more than 30 per cent of the market. Azerbaijan and Turkey, then Italy’s largest export to the country of Israel.
More than 30 million Turks in Iran also attract Israel’s attention. MOSSAD is active in the territory of Azerbaijan within the scope of mutual agreements.

The strength of the relations between Israel and Azerbaijan is not as much as I have written or what you have heard. The following sentence of president explains this very well: “What is known in the public is the visible side of our relations and only one-tenth; Nine out of ten are underwater “