“Pomegranate Juice” or “Blood”

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What does it mean for the USA to say “genocide”?

It has been 3 months since Biden took office that he had a phone call with President Erdogan. Obama had held one of his first foreign visit to Turkey. But it is a tense relationship in recent years, Trump called the worst was that even the best of the last 28 years the only American President to visit Turkey.

This introduction is important, but let’s get to the point. Biden said that he would use the term “genocide” regarding the Armenian Events in his election promises. Biden’s use of the phrase “genocide” regarding the Armenian Events heated the social media.

Actually, Biden is not the first president to use this phrase. 40. American President Ronald Reagan also used the term “genocide” in 1981. Let me tell you as I know, these statements can not be any legal sanctions for the president to use Turkey every sense. (Because even if there had been genocide in Turkey as they say) in 1946, which is incorporated into international law “genocide” concept, does not bind previous years this year. So what is the US problem?

Trump did not use this expression, but both the Senate and the House of Representatives recognized the Armenian Events as “genocide” in his time. The use of this expression is purely a political message. Of course, the USA's acceptance may also have negative consequences in diplomatic terms as it will affect other countries. As a bonus, it increases morale for post-Karabakh Armenians.

Turkey's genocide ‘recognition’ and not as an application does not include it among the foreign policy tools. Turkey’s largest antithesis of Armenia’s 1915 claim for “genocide and similar events that were the subject of historians,” and the absence of bound by the decisions of the council in this direction. So 100 years of defence.

We have to go back 46 years for the issue of closing the Incirlik base (NATO).

In 1975, the United States, after the Cyprus Peace Operation Turkey decided to implement the arms embargo. The internal turmoil in the same way that Turkey giving answers pulled from the Incirlik American troops. In Washington, diplomats were confused and still could not believe the decision. The Nationalist Front consisting of Erbakan, Feyzioğlu and Türkeş led by Süleyman Demirel was determined. While Demirel was at the opening of the dam in Adana, American flags were coming down, American soldiers’ suitcases were being prepared, Turkish flags were hoisted. But the NATO service at the base continued in the same way. The US to step back posts Turkey began to increase its degree of Care about sanctions by Washington. But now Turkey’s eye was blackened. After a lapse of three years, rising anti-Western sentiments in Turkey and the indomitable will of the government and brought back to the US embargo stepped completely removed.

After each event as a trump card to be available this base up to opposition from the government, it has become Turkey’s tarnished image. The removal of US bases from Turkey should be the basis of reciprocity. In other words, if American soldiers are to be taken out of this country, they should be removed not for grass for flowers, but because they have actually supported the PKK in Syria since September 2014. Giving an equivalent response to keep your foreign policy red lines shows both a diplomatic and a confident stance.



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