One continent, three countries: what are they doing in Africa?

Things have changed in the African continent, which is rich in energy resources and has been exploited by Western countries since history. Currently, 40 per cent of the investments belong to EU member countries, but most of them continue with the influence left over from the colonial understanding. Land continents China, Turkey and Russia have increased the interest in going to last 20 years. What is the policy of these three countries towards the continent?

As you know, when it comes to Africa, China comes to mind in recent years. China’s investments in the continent are around 360 billion dollars. It is increasing day by day. Russia also entered the continent, albeit recently. Last year, the Russia-Africa Summit was held for the first time in history, attended by more than 40 country leaders. It was aimed to double the mutual trade volume of 20 billion dollars. This number is less than $ 24 billion in Turkey.

Russia attaches importance to Africa in terms of arms sales and “militia”. It is slowly turning towards underground resources. China puts its emphasis on infrastructure works and the exploitation of underground resources. Beijing’s strategy is to take over the mining companies or to buy shares when there is no payment by lending money. Russia, on the other hand, is engaged in military cooperation with the defence industry. For example, according to the German Bild newspaper, Russia made military cooperation agreements with 21 African countries. This number was previously 4. In addition, Moscow has already received permission to establish bases in 6 countries within this cooperation.

Turkey is approaching the area and help out if the grant using the advantage of being Muslim and 54 of the 28 African countries. Although Turkish donation and aid policy was criticized a lot, Putin announced that they would donate 20 billion dollars of debt of African countries. Is Russia’s economy very good? Of course not, but somehow it has to enter the continent.