Monthly Report: May 2021

Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral on Unsplash

1.BioNTech has increased its revenue estimates from the Kovid-19 vaccine for this year to 12.12 billion euros.

2. After phone calls with his UAE and Egyptian counterparts, Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu paid a visit to Saudi Arabia today. The visit marks the first time after the Khashoggi murder in 2018.

3. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and we will continue to build Jerusalem, as every nation builds its capital.” said.

3. The Wall Street Journal suggested that Turkish soldiers in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, were preparing to withdraw from the country, like other foreign troops.

4.In France, the prosecutor’s office has decided that there is no room for criminal prosecution over the e-statement in which a group of soldiers warned President Macron of civil war.

5. Libyan Prime Minister Dibeybe said, “We do not agree with Greece on the maritime agreement between Libya and Turkey. “We will not leave this agreement, which serves the interests of the Libyans,” he said.

6. The US Navy has prevented the biggest arms smuggling of the last 5 years by carrying out an operation against an unflagged ship in the northern Arabian Sea.

7. “The Black Sea has partially turned into a NATO lake. As members of the alliance, we cannot give up our presence in the region,” Romanian Foreign Minister Aurescu said. said.

8. It was stated that the US administration, which started to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, began to consider deploying these soldiers to regions close to the Russian borders.

9. After the military coup in Myanmar, the number of people killed by the security forces rose to 780.

10. It has been stated that the French aircraft carrier ‘Charles de Gaulle’ will anchor in Southern Cyprus for the third time and conduct exercises with the Greek Cypriot army.

11. China has announced that they have landed a spacecraft on the surface of Mars. China became the second country after the USA to land on Mars.

12. TRNC President Ersin Tatar said, “Turkey’s guarantee will not be lifted and Turkish soldiers will not be withdrawn. The TRNC will not be Gaza.” said.

13. Egyptian President Sisi has announced that relations with Israel will be suspended if Israel does not stop its attacks on Gaza.

14. The Uyghur Human Rights Organization reported that since 2014, at least 630 imams and people with religious identity have been detained or sent to prison in China.

15. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which gathered at the initiative of Turkey and condemned Israel, made many proposals such as sending an international protection force to Palestine.

16. In Spain, the separatist political parties in the autonomous administration of Catalonia agreed to form a coalition government to prevent a new early election and the possible loss of votes that may result.

17. Azerbaijan took control of some areas on the border with Armenia.

18. The Chinese administration, which has imprisoned the Turks in camps in East Turkestan, stated that it will provide emergency aid to the Palestinians who have been harmed by the Israeli attacks since May 10.

19. Iraqi President Barham Salih said that since 2003, $150 billion has been lost due to corruption deals abroad.

20. The Pentagon stated that it will continue to support Pakistan’s land and air access to Afghanistan.

21. Poland announced that they will purchase 24 Bayraktar TB2s from Turkey. Visiting Turkey, Polish President Duda said, “Turkey is our strongest ally in this part of the world.”

22. Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zakharova, “If Turkey’s Crimean Tatars and Crimean discourses do not change, we will have to deal with Turkey’s own ethnic and religious problems.” He threatened Ankara by using his statement.

23. Moroccan Prime Minister al-Osmani, who signed a normalization agreement with Israel, sent a congratulatory letter to Hamas leader Haniyeh on the ‘victory of the Gaza resistance’.

24. US Secretary of State Blinken announced that they exempted the German partners of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline project, which will transport Russian gas to Europe, from the sanctions list. Recently, this project has been the basis of the problems in German-US relations.

25. Turkish Airlines became the first international airline to fly direct to Turkestan city in Kazakhstan, known as the spiritual capital of the Turkic world.

26. President Erdogan announced that he would give “full support” to Georgia’s membership in the European Union and NATO.

27. Egyptian President Sisi invited Palestinian armed and political groups to Cairo next week, including groups other than Hamas and Fatah, with the goal of ending the division.

28. After the birth rate fell in China, a change was made to increase the number of children allowed in couples from 2 to 3. It is stated that the population of China has increased by only 72 million in 10 years.

29. Visiting Rwanda, French President Macron announced that they accepted his country’s role in the genocide in which more than 800,000 people died in Rwanda in 1994.

30. According to the results of the first election held in Syria since 2014, Bashar Assad won the elections with 95.1% of the votes.

31. The New York Times claimed that Israel is now producing its own military technology, claiming that Tel Aviv is gradually breaking away from its half-century-long dependence on the United States.

32. It has been reported that the Azerbaijani army lost 2,900 martyrs in the operation carried out to save its lands from the occupation in Karabakh.

33. In Israel, whose powers are limited to pardoning prisoners, accepting credentials of ambassadors, and appointing representatives to form governments, the new President has been Isaac Herzog, Head of the Jewish Agency and former Labor Party leader.

34. For the first time, the new Government of National Unity will attend the Libya Conference, the second of which will be held in Berlin. On the other hand, Libyan Prime Minister Dibeybe said that “Italy is the best partner” for the reconstruction of Libya.

35. Stating that the tests of the S-500 missile defence systems have been carried out successfully, Russian leader Putin said, “The Russian army is the world’s first army with hypersonic weapons.” said.



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