Monthly Report: June 2021

Ali Muradov
5 min readJun 28, 2021


Photo by Frederic Köberl on Unsplash
  1. The Hungarian city council named the four streets around the university as “Uyghur Martyrs, Hong Kong, Dalai Lama and Hszie Shi-Kuang” as a message, after the public opposed the branch of Fudan University that China wanted to open in Hungary.

2. “President Erdogan sees the regional role of Georgia in the most correct way.” Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani said, “Turkey is our strategic partner.” used the phrase.

3. Naftali Bennett, who is expected to become the prime minister in Israel next week, announced that he will carry out attacks on the Gaza Strip and Lebanon in the new period.

4. After the newly announced discovery of 135 billion cubic meters, the total gas discovery in the Black Sea reached 540 billion cubic meters. It is stated that this reserve is Turkey’s need for 12 years.

5. Russian President Putin, families with many children, “continues our millennial history as one people.” He described it as the future of Russia.

6. After killing 5 peshmerga, the PKK has now kidnapped 2 peshmerga in Sinjar.

7. German Foreign Minister Maas demanded the abolition of the principle of unanimity in foreign policy decisions in the European Union.

8. In the European Union, the legal regulation that stipulates the removal of terrorist content on the internet within 1 hour has entered into force. It is a matter of curiosity whether terrorist organizations such as the PKK will be included in the scope of the posts.

9. Israel, the country that makes the most Kovid-19 vaccines globally compared to its population, announced that there has been no new case in the country for the first time since February 2020.

10. Speaking at the NATO Summit, US President Joe Biden said, “It is our sacred responsibility to defend Europe, Turkey and Canada.” said.

11. In Hungary, the government has drafted a bill to ban the “promoting” of homosexuality for under-18s.

12. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, “We see China in Africa,” and that the relations with Russia are at the lowest level since the Cold War, that China is not an enemy but poses a security problem, and therefore, as an alliance, they act together against China. stressed that it should be

13. After the coalition formed in Israel, the 12-year term of Netanyahu has come to an end.

14. The United Nations, in its report, revealed that 65 percent of the district centres in Afghanistan are under the control of the Taliban.

15. It turned out that South Korean authorities have been calling North Korean officials every day since last year, but received no answer. North Korea blew up the liaison office between the two countries last year.

16. The Chinese administration put a rest on the G7 countries, using the expressions “The days when some countries made up of small groups decided the fate of the world are long gone”.

17. In Myanmar, where the coup took place 4.5 months ago, the death toll in the armed intervention carried out by the army against the opponents of the coup rose to 860.

18. According to the SIPRI report, while the stock of nuclear weapons in the world decreased in 2020, there was an increase in the number of nuclear weapons ready for attack.

19. Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs Atmar, who stated that they found Turkey’s role in terms of security of Kabul Airport important, said, “We also agreed on a transit and trade corridor connecting Afghanistan to Turkey via Iran.” said.

20. “I’m not sure if there are human rights violations in East Turkestan, the Chinese tell us there is none.” Pakistani Prime Minister Khan said that China is one of Pakistan’s greatest friends in the most difficult times.

21. Nikol Pashinyan’s party won the early elections in Armenia with 53%.

22. Famous Kuwaiti political scientist Abdullah Nafisi stated that the Gulf countries should work with Turkey, not the USA, in the field of defence against the “Iran danger”.

23. President Macron’s party received 10% of the vote in the local elections, which are seen as a rehearsal for the Presidential Election to be held next year in France.

24. Iranian President Rouhani has claimed that US sanctions against his country will be lifted soon.

25. The US donated 2.5 million doses of vaccine to Taiwan, which has troubled relations with China and supports it militarily.

26. German Foreign Minister Maas stated that there is a need for new cooperation with Turkey on migration and that updating the old agreement would not be free of charge.

27. In recent months, India has deployed more than 50,000 troops to the Chinese border, mainly in Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh regions. It is stated that there are currently 450 thousand Indian soldiers on the Chinese border alone, together with the paramilitary forces.

28. In Russia, Vladimir Putin’s party, United Russia, has nominated Ramazan Kadyrov for the presidency again in Chechnya.

29. In its report, Amnesty International revealed that the Greek government deliberately pushed all refugees into Turkish waters.

30. Hungarian President Janos Ader has approved legislation banning the promotion of homosexuality and gender reassignment to minors under the age of 18.

31. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said, “For me, Hungary has no place in the EU anymore,” due to his attitude towards homosexuals, and addressed Hungarian leader Orban, saying, “If you do not want to live with our values, leave the union.”

32. In the presidential elections to be held in Chile in November, communist candidate of Palestinian origin Daniel Jadue ranked first in the polls. On the other hand, Nayib Bukele, of Palestinian origin, won the 2019 presidential election in El Salvador.

33. For the first time in a long time, the United States carried out an airstrike against the Shiite militia group Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq.

34. Egyptian President Sisi, who went to Iraq, became the first Egyptian leader to make a presidential-level visit from Egypt to Iraq in 30 years.

35. Azerbaijani Defense Minister General Hasanov stated that the Karabakh War was a test and they passed this test and said, “The Turkish Armed Forces prepared us for this test.” said.