Monthly Report: January 2021

Photo by Abhijith S Nair on Unsplash

1.India, Zee News daily: “High-level meetings with Turkey”, he wrote about “Pakistan’s nuclear weapons perform”.

2.Britain refused to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States.

3.Ukrainian Naval Forces Commander Oleksiy Nejipapa stated that they were preparing to take Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles and said, “We tried Bayraktar UAVs in activities at sea. They are very capable.” said.

4.The Chinese Foreign Affairs sharply criticized the United States’ Tibet Act (the decision to open a consulate in the Tibet Autonomous Region) as an intervention in its internal affairs.

5.Armenian Prime Minister Nikola Pashinyan, “We apply severe sanctions to Turkey to be valid during 6 months. In Turkey market situation shaken with our decision. If they stop supporting Azerbaijan, we will reconsider our decision. “ He used his expressions.

6.While Iran has officially started its uranium enrichment activity of 20 per cent at its Fordo Nuclear Plant; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a statement that “Israel will not allow Iran to produce nuclear weapons.”

7.Britain announced that 1 million pounds of aid will be given to Azerbaijani civilians affected by the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

8.Ambassador of Kazakhstan Abzal Saparbekuly drew attention to Turkey’s East Asia policy of opening and said Kazakhstan would choose that as an economic base.

9.Putin, Aliyev and Pashinyan after the tripartite meeting in Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan Foreign Ministers of Pakistan’s capital was announced to be realized trilateral meeting in Islamabad.

10.Former Prime Minister Sadir Caparov won the presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan, who received 79.18% of the votes. Caparov spent 3.5 years in prison during the Atambayev period.

11.With a population of approximately 9 million, Israel has achieved leadership in this field by vaccinating 18% of its population within two weeks.

12.The Greek Protothema Newspaper stated that “in order to strengthen the capacity to cope with common threats and stability in the region”, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Greek Cypriot Administration and the USA in the field of Border Security.

13.Elon Musk became the richest person in the world, surpassing Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos with a fortune of $ 188.5 billion.

14.The US Space Forces Command awarded the tender for missile warning satellites to Lockheed Martin for $ 4 billion 934. The number of these new systems, two of which will monitor the poles and three will monitor other parts of the world, will be increased to five in total.

15.Iran has announced that if the sanctions are not lifted by January 22, they will expel International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors from the country.

16.TÜRKSAT 5A satellite was launched into space from Cape Canaveral Base in Florida, USA.

17.Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, “Turkey has been an integral part of Europe historically. The Turkish people see their future in the EU. “ said. On the other hand, Çavuşoğlu invited Greece to the exploratory talks to hold the first meeting in January and Athens responded positively.

18.Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who provided diplomatic support to Azerbaijan during the Karabakh war, announced that they would allocate 100 million dollars for the development activities in Karabakh. On the other hand, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Bayramov, “companies from Pakistan and Turkey, I invite you to participate in the reconstruction of land we recover.” used the expressions.

19.Geert Wilders, leader of the far-right Freedom Party in the Netherlands, announced that he would deport the Syrians in his country if he won the elections.

20.National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler made an official visit to Iraq, where significant progress has been made in relations recently. It is stated that the two countries will discuss the fight against the PKK, especially trade.

21.Russian opposition politician Aleksey Navalny, who went to Germany after being poisoned in Russia and caused a crisis between European countries and Moscow, was detained at the airport as he returned to his country recently.

22.President Erdogan said: “Although we paid a very serious amount of money, the F-35s were unfortunately still not given. It is a very serious mistake America has done to us as an ally country. “ said.

23.China, which opened its only military base abroad to Djibouti, made military reinforcements by sending its 37th navy fleet to the Gulf of Aden.

24.YouTube, then companies like TikTok, Facebook and Dailymotion have announced it will appoint representatives in Turkey.

25.According to the Israeli press, looking positively to the improvement of relations with Turkey to Tel Aviv management, it is demanding an end to the activities of Hamas as the only requirement in Istanbul.

26.It was announced that the Turkish company ENKA, which has partnered with Siemens, will establish a power plant in Libya.

27.The US Department of Justice stated that former US soldier Daniel Baker, who supported the “armed struggle” in the parliamentary raid and joined the YPG in 2017, was detained, and in the statement, the terrorist organization “the arm of the PKK” was stated for the YPG.

28.Turkey’s first and will be the largest LHD ships (known as aircraft carriers among the people) TCG Anatolia design support enables Spain, Greece ‘stop cooperation’ demand was reported reversing will continue to support Turkey.

29.On his first day in office, US President Biden signed 17 decrees to turn down Trump’s policies. Among the decrees were decisions such as returning to WHO and lifting the travel bans for Muslim countries.

30.In Russia, tens of thousands of people protested in the streets after the detained dissident Navalny.

31.Armenian Democratic Party Chairman Levon Shirinyan’s statement, “My assessment is that it is better for Armenians to be ‘puppets’ of Turks than to be pawns of foreign countries, namely Russians.”

32.Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, Israel, Turkey’s eastern Mediterranean region heard that you said it would be best for satisfaction and commercial relationships if it wants to join the Gas Forum.

33.It was claimed that the Biden administration would make a massive military reinforcement to Libya to “balance Russia’s influence on the ground”, which was welcomed by European countries.

34.The Ministry of National Defense donated a number of military equipment to the Georgian Ministry of Defense.

35.The United Arab Emirates announced that the value of the “defence package” agreement signed with the United States, which includes F-35 fighter jets and SİHAs, is 23 billion dollars.

36.In the USA, the Biden administration announced that Trump’s decision regarding the genocide of the Uighur Turks in the East Turkistan region of China was being reviewed. On the other hand, the new administration temporarily suspended many military sales, including F-35s, which were approved for sale to the UAE.

37.Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced that they will send troops to Syria to support the Assad regime.

38.Germany’s former chancellor says it is not a stance against Turkey in Europe Gerhard Schroeder, European powers such as Turkey and Russia to find their partners said that they needed to.

39.Spokesperson of the Iranian General Staff, Ebulfazl Şikarçi, said, “We destroy Haifa and Tel Aviv in their (Israel) smallest mistake. We say this not for the Zionist regime but for the whole world. “ used the expression.

40.Italy cancelled arms exports with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the grounds that the weapons were used in the civil war in Yemen.

41.According to Russian sources, 80 Russian and 80 Turkish soldiers will serve in the Turkish-Russian Joint Observation Center, which was established to control the ceasefire around Karabakh, which is connected to Azerbaijan.

42.Israel is conducting an unfair process (according to the Turkish company Yıldırım Holding) between Turkish and UAE companies that are working to acquire its largest port, Haifa.

43.The USA was established to regulate the gas market in the eastern Mediterranean, including Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum to be found in the official entry application for observer status.

44.In Myanmar, the military took over the administration by staging a coup before parliament opened after the elections on 8 November.