Monthly Report: February 2021

Photo by Niv Singer on Unsplash

1.“The United States will never attack nuclear facilities in Iran. Israel may have to act independently to eliminate this danger,” said Hanegbi, Israeli Settlements Minister.

2.Libya’s new Prime Minister Dibeyb said, “I hope to remove the highest level by increasing the solidarity and development of trade volume with Turkey. We will have great solidarity with the Turkish people and state. Turkey; are our allies, friends and brothers. “ used the expressions.

3.North Korea threatened countries that provoked it by not violating its monthly ritual to “carry out the first attack at the slightest incitement and punish it as it deserves.”

4.When Russia used the phrase “Arabian Gulf” for the Persian Gulf, which Iran defined as the Persian Gulf and Arab countries as the Arabian Gulf, it encountered the note of the Tehran administration.

5.Hafter against Libya in support of the new government has good relations with Turkey, France, Jordan, UAE and Egypt were not found in any country, including a negative statement.

6.Reacting to China’s actions against Uyghur Turks, Finnish Prime Minister Marin said, “Trade and economy cannot be justified in ignoring these persecutions.” said.

7.The UAE announced that it terminated its military presence in Yemen in October last year.

8.In the USA, the Biden administration suspended the plans of 12,000 American soldiers announced during the Trump era from Germany. On the other hand, he announced that they will end the support given to Saudi Arabia for Yemen. With Biden, all the remnants of the Trump era continue to be erased.

9.It has been announced that Uzbekistan will switch to the Latin alphabet as of January 1, 2023.

10.“The pandemic will end because incredible vaccines have been found,” said Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, “Why would I want to watch people by vaccinating?

11.A group of deputies in Belgium presented a draft resolution calling for the recognition of policies against Uighur Turks as “genocide,” stating that China’s “economic blackmail” should not be tolerated.

12.US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announces that they have removed the Houthis in Yemen from the list of foreign terrorist organizations

13.In Kosovo, Albin Kurti, an Albanian nationalist and leader of the Make-Yourself Movement (VV), which has fought against Serbs in the past, almost doubled his votes (48%) in the election.

14.Announcing the resumption of commercial activities with Saudi Arabia 3.5 years later, Qatar opened a military mission at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

15.The countries of the Sahel region of Africa (Chad, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Mauritania), where French soldiers are present, will discuss the political and humanitarian issues of France in the region at the G5 Sahel Summit to be held in Chad.

16.The Duhok Governorate, affiliated with the KRG, detained the PUK Social Affairs Officer Aziz Berwari on the grounds that he had links with the PKK (Talabani’s party).

17.Russia started to form a military unit consisting of local elements in the YPG-controlled Hasakah province in northeast Syria.

18.US President Biden announced that a unit called the ‘China Task Force’ has been established within the Pentagon.

19.“Both countries (USA) should recognize and know their boundaries in politics. I believe we should understand each other’s strategic goals. Taiwan, Uyghur and Tibet issues are our red lines,” said Ciu Tiankai, China’s ambassador to the US.

20.KRG Deputy Kureck Azad, the Iranian-backed Shiite HASDER in Iraq that deal with the PKK against Turkey Sabin claimed.

21.The European Union has announced that it will establish a new fund and establish sectoral cooperation to develop civil and military UAV capacity.

22.24,000 parts, consisting of F-35 aircraft of 817 parts of Turkey producing F-35 program to be involved again, and America’s most prestigious law firm in order to maintain the existing rights (Arnold & Porter) with 750 thousand dollars has signed an agreement for 6 months.

23.The Italian Ambassador and an Italian soldier were killed in the attack on the UN convoy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

24.Palestinian Economy Minister Khalid al-Useyl of, “will be established in OSB in Jenin will be produced in industrial plant products, imported products from Israel will be alternative and Turkey’s support to reduce the dependence of Palestine to Israel.” He said.

25.Egypt and Israel agreed to build a pipeline to connect Israel’s Leviathan offshore gas field to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminals in Northern Egypt.

26.Turkish company Karanfil Group opened Libya’s largest and North Africa’s third-largest concrete production establishment.

27.The United Arab Emirates called it a “provisional government”, referring to the elected Mogadishu administration regarding the violence in Mogadishu on Friday. You know the government is supported by Turkey.

28.260 tons of food and cleaning products were sent to the Lebanese Army by the Turkish Armed Forces.

29.The Paris Criminal Court ruled that the former President of France and his lawyer Herzog and judge Azibert be sentenced for “corruption” charges.

30.Since the July 15 coup attempt from 20 thousand people off the road laws passed to Greece from Turkey, where about 9 thousand applicants for asylum to the Greek authorities, at about 2 thousand of them were reported to be accepted.

31.UAE, which made 86 arms contracts worth approximately 5 billion 700 million dollars in IDEX-2021, became the country with the highest number of arms contracts at the fair.

32.Egypt, Turkey, the UN reported that based on the borders of the Mediterranean appeared at number 18 in parcel license tender. News, Greek media “from Egypt to open the door to Turkey,” was in the form of service.

33.Bangladesh Foreign Minister Momen said, “We do not have to rescue the Arakan refugees dragged on the sea. They are not Bangladesh citizens, they are Myanmar citizens. “ said.

34.Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz suggested that Iran might be behind the explosion that occurred during the passage of a ship belonging to his country in the Gulf of Oman.

35.According to the report in Forbes, the US Air Force wrote that the project was unsuccessful, claiming that the F-35 project was too costly, inaccurate and unreliable. Allegedly, a new #plane project could be realized.

36.KDP (Barzani’s party) Sinjar Responsible Kaçak stated that the presence of Hashdi Shabi and PKK has increased in the Sinjar district of Mosul and said: “Sinjar is wanted to be part of the Shiite Crescent.”