Monthly Report: April 2021

Photo by Nijwam Swargiary on Unsplash

1.American political scientist Fukuyama pointed out that the armed unmanned aerial vehicles produced by Turkey in recent years have changed today’s war tactics, “The UCAV has made a significant contribution to Turkey’s rise as a regional power in 2020.” said.

2. Russia, to which India imports the most weapons, stated that it is ready to reinforce Pakistan’s counter-terrorism potential and announced that they can send military equipment to Islamabad.

3. Visiting President Erdoğan, President of the European Council Michel and President of the European Commission Leyen stated that they are concerned about the developments regarding human rights in Turkey.

4. “NATO is the only way to end the war in Donbas. I call on the Alliance to strengthen its presence in the Black Sea,” said Ukrainian President Zelensky. said.

5. Vyasa Osmani, 38, who said they want to establish a dialogue with Serbia and normalize relations in Kosovo, became the new president.

6. Stating that Turkish countries should make their cooperation more institutional, Kazakhstan’s Founding President Nazarbayev said, “Using the Latin alphabet is important for the development of Turkish states together.” said.

7. Calling for Russia to “play with its nerves” in the Black Sea, Lieutenant General Hodges, the former US Commander of European Forces, stated that Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Moldova should unite against Russia.

8. In Afghanistan, the Taliban announced that they would not take any step back on the complete withdrawal of American troops from the country in May, as per the agreement.

9. It was reported that 20 people who were involved in ‘dangerous activities’ by acting together with foreign forces against the king in Jordan were detained, and Prince Hamza was the ‘ringleader’; What happened was interpreted as a ‘coup attempt’ in the media.

10. The British and Ukrainian armies held a joint military exercise in the city of Nikolayev.

11. China announced that the public should start negotiations to prevent armament in space and that they are against armament in space.

12. Thanks to our support in Libya, the fall of Tripoli was prevented and a ceasefire was achieved,” said President Erdogan, and signed 5 agreements with Libya.

13. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov, who warned the USA to stay away from the Black Sea, reported that 15 warships were sent to the Black Sea.

14. In the first meeting of Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu and Egyptian Foreign Minister Samih Shukri in 4 years; Shukri stated that his country is willing to establish appropriate relations with Turkey.

15. The Biden administration, which shelved Trump’s troop withdrawal plans, decided to send 500 more troops to Germany.

16. As a result of the new parliamentary elections in Bulgaria with a turnout of 49%, a total of 27 deputies of Turkish and Muslim origin entered the parliament.

17. Technocrat Prime Minister Draghi, appointed by the President of Italy, described President Erdogan as a “dictator”.

18. In Myanmar, the number of people who died as a result of the armed intervention of the security forces in the protests against the military coup and the detention of elected government members rose to 710. For the first time in Myanmar, the country of coups, the events took so long after a coup.

19. The Emir of Qatar, Al Sani, called the King of Saudi Arabia on the phone for the first time in 3.5 years.

20. It is stated that China, the world’s largest gold buyer, will import gold worth $850 billion.

21. One of the leading names of El Sharq TV broadcasting in Turkey, Egyptian journalist Matar, who is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, said, “We experienced a restriction by Turkey. We can no longer criticize Sisi in our broadcasts.” said.

22. Israel and Greece signed the largest defence deal to date, worth $1.6 billion (between them).

23. Russia, which suspended flights to Turkey (due to the number of corona cases) immediately after the visit of Ukrainian President Zelenski to Turkey, said, “The restriction has nothing to do with Ukraine. We can convince Turkey.” made a statement.

24. It was announced that 97.9% of the electricity capacity commissioned in Turkey in the first quarter of the year consists of renewable resources.

25. According to The Times, it is stated that it plans to introduce a law that will require all persons working on behalf of foreign states to register their presence in the country to combat “enemy countries” such as the UK, Russia and China.

26. It was reported that in 1979 when baby killer Abdullah Öcalan fled from Şanlıurfa to Syria, he stayed in northern Syria -Aynel Arap (Kobani)- for a while and the house, which is now a ‘museum’, was bombed by SİHA.

27. US President Joe Biden announced that he will increase the refugee acceptance limit for 2021, which was announced as 15,000.

28. According to the news in the British Sunday Express, London is considering recognizing the TRNC as an independent country.

29. Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan resigned before the early elections on 20 June, before he could make way for Gabriel.

30. Idriss Deby Itno, who ruled Chad for 31 years, died in clashes with the rebels. He was succeeded by his son, Mahamat Idriss Deby.

31. Stating that ‘democracy is nothing like Coca-Cola that promises the same taste all over the world’, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said that the US should respect the path and system that China has chosen independently.

32. Head of the Libyan State Supreme Council Mishri announced that they are bound by all agreements, including the maritime agreement with Turkey. On the other hand, flights between Libya and Egypt resumed after 6 years.

33. Considering the Armenian Incidents as ‘genocide’ due to the Armenian population in its country, Ukraine will participate in the ‘Eastern Mediterranean-2021’ exercise of the Turkish navy at the end of the year.

34. According to the agreement between Greece and Saudi Arabia; Greece approved the delivery of one of the Patriot air defence batteries it bought from the USA to Saudi Arabia.

35. Scott Miller, the commander of NATO and US troops in Afghanistan, announced that the evacuation of foreign bases in Afghanistan has begun and that all troops will withdraw from the country on September 11.

36. Japan, France and the United States held joint exercises to improve their tactics and skills in the Pacific and to protect remote islands.

37. The Foreign Ministers of Turkey and the United Arab Emirates held a telephone conversation for the first time in years.

38. Saudi Arabian authorities decided to close 8 Turkish schools in the country at the end of the 2020–2021 academic year.

39. Stating that China is following a tougher and more aggressive policy abroad, US Secretary of State Blinken said, “The only threat to the world order is China.” said.

40. Expressing his condolences to the Kyrgyz people, President of Kazakhstan Tokayev announced that they are ready to send aid to Kyrgyzstan after the armed conflict on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border.

41. Sources speaking for Middle East Eye stated that Turkey has lifted its NATO veto right over Egypt.

42. Uniforms and 1 BMC production tank trailer were donated to almost the entire army of North Macedonia (7,400 teams) of Turkey.

43. The Syrian Human Rights Network reported that 709 people, 4 of whom were working in the media field, were killed in the civil war that left behind its 10th year in Syria.

44. According to Iranian sources, the United States will return Iranian financial assets worth $7 billion, which it had previously frozen as ransom, to American citizens held by Iran. On the other hand, Britain will pay a ransom of 400 million pounds to the Iranian state for the removal of Nazenin Zahari Ratcliffe, a British citizen of Iranian origin, from Iranian prisons.

45. Gucca, press secretary of the military coalition against former Chadian President Deby Itno, said that “his forces continue to advance into unknown spots of the enemy to save the people from tyranny and the war is not over yet”.



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