Is Turkey can produce nuclear weapons with Pakistan support?

In 1968 signed the treaty about Proliferation Treaty of Nuclear Weapon (NPT) and as it is known Turkey signed too. Before this date, the UN Security Council’s permanent five members USA, Russia, China, Britain gives the right to keep nuclear weapons. Apart from that, according to the agreement, 185 countries promise not to use nuclear technologies to make weapons. Of course, there was a country that signed the NPT agreement and produced secret nuclear weapons. North Korea withdrew from the treaty in 2003 and conducted a nuclear test.

If you leave the NPT and start producing nuclear weapons, they will directly exclude you from the international system. You are being pushed into political isolation under the UN roof. Whether you are closer to Eastern or Western countries, you may be subject to additional sanctions from the other party. The closest example is Iran.

President Erdogan’s in 2019 “Someone has a missile with a nuclear warhead. But I do not have a missile with a nuclear warhead! I do not accept it. We are currently conducting our work. “Indian media releases and” Turkey wants nuclear technology from Pakistan, “claims one more time to share” Did Turkey reach nuclear weapons? “ Brought to mind the question. In fact, here it must be noted, Turkey will be able to fight much with sanctions after choosing the path to a nuclear weapon. Only the United States and not from the EU, from all countries of the world sanctions and indirectly removed from the international system.

The 4 countries (India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea) that reached nuclear weapons after the NPT agreement also did this secretly. Turkey also had to do it if it makes confidential. If technology transfer comes, it will come from Pakistan. Currently, nuclear energy work continues peacefully with the commitment not to arms if Turkey reaches this weapon is not only deterrence will achieve regional, pressure and sanctions in can become a global military power, but then can you get out? Everything is hidden in the answer to this question.