Is Pakistan giving nuclear weapon support to Turkey?

In India, the National Herald and Zeenews newspaper: “Turkey wants nuclear technology from Pakistan”. According to the newspaper in 1952, which NATO member Turkey, already by NATO “nuclear umbrella” under-protected but for Turkey’s “ambitious President” Erdogan it is not enough. Also, the news wrote about the nuclear weapons deployed in the NATO context of “INJIRLIK” Air Base in December as the basis for the claim that the High-Level Military Dialogue Group meeting held between Turkey and Pakistan. According to various sources, many technologies came up in this meeting. Had made people discuss the sharing of information about nuclear weapons in the Pakistani delegation to Turkey without giving names. The presence of senior executives of TAI, HAVELSAN and ASELSAN within the Turkish delegation and the gathering of the “Champions League”, worried the Indian media.

President Erdogan said in 2019, “Someone has a missile with a nuclear warhead. But I do not have a missile with a nuclear warhead! I do not accept it. We are currently conducting our work. ”The report also stated that Erdogan is making efforts to become the leading Islamic leader by overthrowing the leaders of the traditional Arab countries and that he is considering realizing this with his close relations with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. It is interesting that he is always referred to as “ambitious”.

According to the claim in Turkey, Pakistan, construction, used in nuclear power plants but can also be used in making weapons if further developed, their centrifuges that enrich uranium quickly. The newspaper has based this on “safe sources”. In addition, the newspaper describing Pakistan as the “king of the nuclear black market” stated that the relationship between the two countries could reach dangerous dimensions.