Is it real for Russia to besiege Europe?

Photo by Nikita Karimov on Unsplash

While the USA chose its potential as the USSR after the Second World War, it dreamed of a unipolar world after the dissolution of the USSR. But he realized that with the technological developments and the emergence of powers in the 21st century, the return of lives to their lives would not be permanent. But European countries, which have become outposts since 1945, regarded their security as their own and made the world feel the establishment of NATO in practice. While trying to deal with China, sending in a corrupt way forgot Russia’s active foreign policy. Perhaps he said to Europe, “While I deal with China, you press Russia.” But “the community of warm states” The European Union lost the great Russian enemy country in the union with the separation of Britain. Germany’s North Stream 2 pipeline project with Russia, France’s partnership with Russia through Haftar in Libya.

“If Russia builds a permanent base in Libya and deploys long-range missile systems, this will have consequences for Europe, NATO and many Western countries,” said Brigadier General Hadfield, deputy director of the US AFRICOM Intelligence Agency last year. He had predicted. While the USA was struggling to besiege China, it realized that Europe had been besieged by Russia: Europe’s Kaliningrad and Russian border, the Tarsus Naval Base in Syria on the Mediterranean line, and finally we from Libya.

Putin has already realized the dream of Tsar Peter I to “go down to the warm seas” with Syria. He also entered North Africa with Libya. We talked about Russia’s increasing military presence in Africa, but Libya is a European migrant problem and a country outside the sea. Nevertheless, France (Macron), the EU’s only country with nuclear power, kept its own interests above the union and said without a word about the Russian in Libya, the NATO ally Turkish troops should be removed from Libya.