Europe’s nightmare….

Europe’s nightmare, Russia’s “Trojan Horse” Kaliningrad …

Kaliningrad, which was under the control of Germany until 1945, was occupied by the Soviets after 2 WW and since then it remained an autonomous region connected to Russia. Although 80% of the population is German, the exclave-status lands, which have been under Russian influence over time, are also the centre of Russia’s Baltic fleet.

It has no land connection with Russia and is surrounded by Lithuania and Poland. The region between most of the rich but militarily weak Baltic countries; The “fearful dream” of Europe and the USA under NATO. This statement is featured in the Russian media. They are not considered unfair because, according to Europeans, the region is described as Russia’s “Trojan Horse”. The “centre of the mafia” in Eastern Europe and the lands on the illegal crossing route became even more important after the USA announced in 2016 that it will place a missile defence system in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria as part of NATO. Russia welcomed this statement and announced that it would respond “as much”. He also gave.

According to Lithuania, Russian troops that went to Kaliningrad for a military exercise in 2016 left the Alexander missiles and S-400 defence systems with nuclear warheads. Just like the Turkish warplanes that went to Azerbaijan for the exercise before the Karabakh War.

When Russia realized that the US would not back down, it turned Kaliningrad into a Russian military base. Kaliningrad, one of Russia’s rare ports in the Baltics that does not keep ice, has been the biggest problem of the Europe-USA wing with Russia for the last 5 years. The Russian wing defends the situation as “We could not remain unanswered for NATO to come to our border”, while the USA and the EU defend the situation as “We do not provide assurance to the Baltic countries against the Russian threat and we will increase it even more.”