Azerbaijan intervened: Does improving relations between Turkey, Israel and Pakistan?

Ali Muradov
3 min readFeb 2, 2021


Israeli news site Walla, Azerbaijani President Aliyev has offered mediation for improvement in relations between Turkey and Israel, claimed that Erdogan’s admit it. After the Palestinian march in 2018, the relations between the two countries, which were disrupted by the harsh intervention of #Israel, dropped to the lowest level diplomatically since then, with the withdrawal of Turkey ambassador.

President Erdogan’s statement yesterday, “Our relations with Israel at the point of intelligence are not interrupted anyway, they continue. Our heart desires that we can move our relations to a better point” caused many people to ask the question whether relations will return to the past. However, Erdogan used the phrase “Palestine is our red line” in the continuation of the statement that was clipped to the title.

The most senior official in the Embassy of Israel in Ankara, Roey Gilad said; “Turkey and Israel do not have to agree on everything. Political differences have always existed and always will be”

Turkey, to establish a regional alliance with Israel in the eastern Mediterranean desires, primarily pro-Israel alliance with Turkey against events in Iran and the region #Syria. Gilad emphasized that although he said that cooperation could be made in the Eastern Mediterranean, they did not intend to eliminate the EEZs with Greece and the GASC. (Israel Turkey also cautious.).

Azerbaijan and Turkey are two friendly countries to Israel, but it wants to reunite the ground in both countries need to set the priority ranking. It is a fact that; The best country that can make sincere efforts to improve relations between the two countries is Azerbaijan.

The photo was taken during the Second Karabakh War (Azerbaijani: İkinci Qarabağ müharibəsi) or The Patriotic War; in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Why are Pakistan and Israel friends of Azerbaijan?

Pakistan is the second country to recognize Turkey after Azerbaijan. Recognizing Khojaly as genocide, Pakistan does not recognize Armenia as a state due to the Karabakh occupation and does not establish diplomatic relations. National Struggle period since Turkey is a friendly country of Pakistan, the UN resolutions for Kashmir is actually a bit because of the similarities with Azerbaijan’s #Karabakh next to be called; “Kashmir = Karabakh”. Unless viewed through the religious window, he does not recognize Israel because he also agrees on the Palestinian issue. Leaving aside historical ties, we can say that they have common problems in different regions.

“Jews from Azerbaijan to Israel and Jews residing in Azerbaijan” constitute the spiritual part of the relations between the two countries. # Israel, which owns a very large part of Azerbaijan’s defence spending like 60%, realizes the most arms sales to Baku after India. On the other hand, Israel gave its 5 per cent stake in the Ashdod field (in the Eastern Mediterranean) to the Azerbaijani state oil company SOCAR. The importance of this for Azerbaijan is that it is the first project of SOCAR outside of the Caspian. For Israel, Azerbaijan is an important ally both because of its arms sales and its neighbouring to “its biggest enemy in the region” Iran. MOSSAD, which monitors Iran closely, collects intelligence with its sources crossing the border. As Aliyev said, most of the relations between Israel and Azerbaijan are on the invisible side of the iceberg. Many agreements on military, intelligence and energy issues make the relations between the two countries strong. So much so that Israeli President Rivlin described Khojaly as genocide in the UN.

While Pakistan does not recognize Israel; Israel is among the biggest arms suppliers of India, Pakistan’s worst enemy. While Israeli relations with Turkey is very bad, #brotherly country of Turkey, Azerbaijan to Israel so close. We saw once again in the Karabakh War; Pakistan and Turkey directly, while Israel sought to prevail in the battle of Azerbaijan indirectly.

But remember; At the end of the day, every country fought for its benefit, though it had some fraternal ties.